ISO 9001 certification

Qualified products are examined and just best agricultural products receive ISO certifications

ISO 14001 certification

Each product prefixed by an ISO Standard , is approved by global standard organization and is traceable all over the world

CE marking certification

Every product which is healthy ,safe and not harmful to human body and nature receives this certification.

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The Best Products on the Market

25 kg pack

Capabilities of Vermicompost makes it the most common use fertilizer in organic agriculture.

1 kg pack

Chemical fertilizer disadvantages like kidney diseases, cancer, soil and water contaminations,result in using organic fertilizer which don’t have such adverse.

Granulated Vermicompost

Fine grading, using by common fertilizer machines and flat distribution on the surface of farm are the problems of using Vermicompost.

Enriched granulated Vermicompost

Although Vermicompost provides most part of nutrition needs of plants, but there are intensive lacks in a lot of farm soils.

pellet fertilizer

Vermicompost is one of the best organic fertilizer which is used intensively in organic farms but use of it has problems too

Eisenia Fetida

Considering high value of this worm in protein providing and its high rate in growth and bearing and also high adaptability and resistance to disease, using this kind of worm in vermiculture .